We're sorry you're having trouble accessing a JumboCast webcast. Please make sure you have read the setup instructions for Windows Media Player before continuing.

Before you contact us, please obtain the following information, so we can more easily assist you:

      1.    Your computer's operating system. To determine the operating system of your computer:

·      For PC: Click the Start Menu, go to run. The Run window will appear. In the Open text field, type winver. The version of Windows on your PC will be displayed in a new window. The most common operating systems for PCs are Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003.

·      For Mac: Position your cursor on the desktop and click anywhere on the desktop. On the top left hand corner of the desktop, you should see an Apple and the word Finder next to it. Click on the Apple Menu and select About this Mac. A window will appear and the version of your operating system should be listed in the window. The most common operating systems for MACs are MAC OS 9 and MAC OS X. 

·      (Thanks to The University of Victoria for the above two directions.)

·      For Linux/Unix: If you have Linux/Unix installed, consult your operating system documentation for the proper method of determining the version number. (This is a less-sarcastic way of saying, "If you installed Linux/Unix on your computer, you can probably determine this information yourself.")

    2. Your current Internet download speed.

·      Quite often, this is the cause of a "choppy" connection to the live JumboCast webcast. Click on the icon to the left, and under "Choose Server", select a speed test on the East Coast of the U.S. (New York or Washington). Pay attention to the "download speed" that is reported from this test — we will need this information. (NOTE: This test requires Adobe Flash to be installed; if you would prefer a different speed test, look here.)

   3. Your media player and version.

·      If you have Windows Media Player installed, go to "Help/About Windows Media Player" — the version number will be next to "Version:". If you have another media player installed and registered to play .asx files, you will need to provide that information. (A simpler way of saying that is: if an application pops up to play the live link when you click on it, and that application is not Windows Media Player, what is it?)



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