What is JumboCast? 
JumboCast is a student-run organization dedicated to broadcasting Tufts athletics events. We broadcast as many events as we have equipment and manpower for. We currently broadcast exclusively on YouTube.

Who are the people involved in JumboCast? 
The founder of JumboCast is Steve Clay (Tufts 1990), who has been involved in Tufts sports journalism since 1985 — as an award-winning sportswriter for The Tufts Daily, and, since 1990, as the sports director and play-by-play voice of Jumbo sports on WMFO. Currently JumboCast is made up entirely of Tufts undergraduate students.

Does JumboCast cover Tufts away games?
At this time we only cover Tufts home games.

What sports does JumboCast cover? 
We currently cover Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Volleyball regularly and may add other sports into our schedule as opportunities arise.

Ahh! My stream isn’t working!!
This can happen for a number of reasons. It’s always a good idea to refresh the page before trying anything else. If you are confident the issue is on our end, there is a good chance we are aware and are working to fix the problem.

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