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Baseball betting continues to grow and is expected to become a $1.5 billion regulated betting market. The frequency of regular season games is one of the key reasons betting in baseball is becoming so popular. In an online casino, bettors have a better chance of making real money with minimal risk thanks to the casino bonus. What is more is that the bonuses offered in the casinos give you a chance to perfect your strategies before risking your money.

Here are 6 reasons why betting on baseball in an online casino is worth it:

  1. Online casinos are licensed and regulated, meaning they are safe.
  2. You can use our tricks to get the best bonuses, and with these tips, you can make the most of your bets.
  3. There are a variety of betting types, pre-game and in-game.
  4. You can use a variety of payment options and deposit within moments.
  5. Most operators facilitate fast withdrawals with no additional fees.
  6. You can try your luck in casino games as well if no baseball games are available at the time.

moneyline baseball betting

Baseball Betting 101: Rules, Tips & Strategy

To perfect your baseball betting strategies it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with all types of wagers more so when it comes to MLB baseball. They include:

  • Rule Line (spread) betting
  • Moneyline betting
  • MLB baseball total (over/under) betting
  • Baseball prop bets

Understanding the difference between in-game betting and live betting is very crucial in perfecting your baseball betting strategies. The two options allow you to bet on ongoing games. The only issue is that the odds will shift depending on the current score and the stage the game is in. The overall drawback of in-game and live betting is that the odds are not that great. You should also remember that there is a cut-off time for placing bets. With normal bets, the cutoff time is the opening pitch. The best strategies are to choose the right type of bet early and place your bets at minutes before the game starts.

How to Bet on Moneylines

There are so many options and strategies in baseball betting. The easiest of strategies is backing a team on the money-line. Here you simply choose one team that you believe will win. You need, however, to understand the difference between the favorite and the underdog in MLB games.

Favorite is the team oddsmakers project will win. The odds for the favorite are normally represented using ‘minus sign’ plus three digit number. This can be something like Phillies – 150. Underdogs are the teams oddsmakers believe will lose and their odds are represented with ‘plus sign’ followed by a three digit number. This is something like Mets +130. With this example, the bet will be Bet/risk $150 on Phillies to win $100 or bet/risk $100 on Mets to win $130.

While oddsmakers use various strategies, stats and data to set the line, the odds in baseball betting are mostly determined by the starting pitchers. If Phillies Aaron Nolan is the starting pitcher, Phillies will be the favorite.

Best Online Betting Sites

There are innumerable online baseball betting sites you can use. The issue is they are not all created equal. Some offer better odds than others. Reading through the terms, conditions and rules of a betting site, including the legal casino, is the key to finding the best site for your betting strategies. Here are the most recommended betting sites:

  1. Betway
  2. Bet365
  3. William Hill
  4. Pinnacle
  5. Bovada

The best place to bet on baseball is in an online casino. This is also the best place to improve your strategies more so when you consider the free casino bonus enable you to try new bet combinations without risking your money. Casinos that offer no deposit bonuses allow you to place free bets and win real money. If you are just getting started in sports betting then a legal casino is the best place to start.

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